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Thermo Cutting

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Thermo Cutting

Say goodbye to dry and spilt ends with THERMO CUTTING! Thermo Cut especially recommended for long, dry and damaged hair. This service is the most popular in our salon. The Jaguar TC ThermoCut Hot Scissors is a revolution in hairdressing and hair cutting. Jaguar TC Thermo Cut hot hairdressing scissors system does preserve the natural qualities of hair by sealing the ends. Blades of the hairdressing scissors are heated. The ends are sealed by the heat, the bodily moisture and care substances are preserved. Ends of the hair are sealed and hair is largely transformed into its original state. Hair is effectively protected from environmental pressures. With Jaguar ThermoCut, all cutting techniques are possible. The ThermoCut System can be individually adjusted to every quality and length of hair, producing an immediate optimum result.

  • Fine hair will be given more volume
  • Split hair will become healthy and more resistant
  • Permed hair will be given more elasticity
  • Dull, brittle hair will be regenerated
  • Every type of hair will be easier to style
  • Split ends will be disappear

Temperature of Jaguar ThermoCut hot scissors can be adjusted from 110C/230C for the fine hair to 170C/338F for thick with additional split end therapy. Customers are protected from the heat of the Jaguar ThermoCut scissors by exceptional insulation. For additional safety the scissors run at a low voltage (7 volts). JaguarCut system can be used on all hair types. If using on dyed, permed, bleached hair, the temperature should be set at a lower, because of the sensitivity of the hair.

Experts found a positive effect 98% of all types of hair.


For appointments, please either book online by using the link below, or alternatively calling us directly 020 85565790  07405483586

  • We do take £50 place reservation fee for Thermo Cut appointments.

Prices are divided according to the level of stylist

  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to pay place reservation fee as well with all of the term and conditions.
  • The place reservation fee will be redeemed of your bill on the day of your appointment.
  • Once you booked the appointment you will receive message with a confirmation of your appointment date and time.
  • If for any reason you cannot make to your scheduled appointment and not inform us later than 72  hours in advance otherwise you will loose your place reservation fee.