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About Us

About Us


Eva had always possessed a desire for hairstyling. Her love for the craft led her to open her very own hair salon over ten years ago, a place where she could bring people’s hair dreams to life. More than ten years ago, Eva took the leap and opened her own hair salon, called “Hair Culture.” Eva’s expertise extended beyond just regular haircuts and styling; she was known for her meticulous attention to detail and the ability to turn every head she touched into a work of art. Eva’s relentless pursuit of excellence had earned her numerous awards and recognition in the hairstyling industry. Over time, Eva’s clients grew in number and her reputation for stunning hairstyles and giving professional service had preceded her.

Meanwhile, Gabby had been working in an office job but was eager to start working alongside her sister and helping her grow her business. It took a while, but eventually, Gabby made the decision to walk away from her office job and join Eva in managing the salon.  Eva joyfully agreed to mentor Gabby. Gabby’s journey into the world of hairdressing began with boundless enthusiasm. She dedicated countless hours to refining her skills, attending various training programs, and learning from her sister’s vast knowledge.

Together, Eva and Gabby worked hard to build a brand. With Eva’s years of hair styling expertise and Gabby’s business prowess, the sisters turned Hair Culture into a reputable name in the beauty industry. However, Eva and Gabby didn’t just want to be another salon, they wanted to have their own brand of hair care products too. So, they began to research and experimented with different ingredients until they finally developed their perfect formula. After many months of trial and error, Eva and Gabby launched their own hair care products line under their salon brand. Their latest line was called “Hair Culture,” their brand that was based on quality and professionalism. With the launch of Hair Culture Care Line, the sisters hoped to offer their clients the best hair care products that would help them take good care of their hair. Their efforts paid off as their product line has become a great success. With many satisfied clients and a popular brand under their belt, Eva and Gabby continue to work hard towards building their brand more.

From humble beginnings, the sisters’ partnership has turned into a great operation, and they couldn’t be happier with the work they’ve done together. With their determination, passion, and expertise, Eva and Gabby continue to lead the beauty industry in their area. The sisters are each other’s biggest supporters, forever grateful that they can share the magic of their journey together.

Eva Poce

Art Director

Salon Director / My passion is to create bespoke looks that really are suited to every individual client and to their lifestyle.

Gabby Lay

Senior Stylist

Senior Stylist / I love to add a bit of shine, colour and brightness to my clients life making them feel gorgeous and glowing.