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Ombre Colouring Cut and Classic Blow Dry

Ombre on the other hand is a hair colouring technique, where the colour goes from darker at the roots gradually going lighter at the ends it also is a French word meaning ‘to shade’. The great thing about Ombre is that it can be subtle or a really strong look depending on your lifestyle, it’s really easy to maintain.
Since Ombre took off, colourists and clients have been playing around and now really having fun with this technique and we can see all sorts of variations for all different taste levels.
And finally we have Dip Dye this is also a colouring technique, but instead of a gradual fading of colour from dark at the roots to light at the ends, Dip Dye is much more of a sharp contrast and the Dipped section can be any colour you want from bright pink, my little pony blue or and anything in between.
Hair Culture colourists known good not only for their high skills level but also their taste level.

If you are lucky enough to have thick or curly hair please allow extra time and extra £5 – £15

Please use code Ombre Offer in a comment field when booking online.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Ombre Colouring and Clasic Blow Dry  
With Stylist £98.00
With Art Director £112.00
WP EiMi 2015
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