Ombre is a natural blending of colour. Usually the roots are darker-either natural or tinted- going through to lighter ends. A soft natural sun-kissed look can be achieved with this technique. The influence is from wearing your long hair piled up high throughout the summer, the sun naturally lightening the ends and leaving the roots dark.

We can recreate this look for you. It is low maintenance and can be refreshed with a toner and the roots can be touched up when needed. We mainly use a pre-lightening product to lift the hair to the desired level. The products we use are the highest quality and the integrity of the hair is paramount.

The hair world borrowed the term ‘Ombre’ from the french word meaning shaded or shading. Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is usually achieved using a balayage technique.

Two-tone hair colour remains popular. So far, mostly brunettes embraced the trend. Not to be left out, blondes now reverse the shading from light to darker ends. In our gallery, popular stars show attractive ombre colouring choices for blondes.

Are you blonde and want to spice up your hair colour? Give reverse ombre hair colouring a try! In terms of colour, the word ombre refers to shading from light to dark, dark to light or from one colour to another. So far, mostly brunettes embraced hair colour transitions from dark to light. Now, blondes have joined the trend by colouring the hair ends in a darker shade. The transition to a darker shade usually starts at ear level.


Dip dye is a statement colour where the hair is one colour at the roots and mid lengths, which can be either your natural colour or coloured to the shade you require, and a different colour applied to the ends.

It works best on hair that is bob length to shoulder length or beyond with the dip dye technique being popular with bright bold colours on the ends, pastel colours and all levels of blonde. It works brilliantly on solid sharp blunt haircuts.

The dip dye can be blonde, blue, red, pink, purple- whatever you desire. The hair is pre-lightened using top quality products to achieve the exact colour you want. The products we use are the highest quality and the integrity of the hair is paramount.


Balayage is a French highlighting technique that was originally developed in the 1970’s where the highlights are applied by freehand rather than using foil. It can be used on short pixie crops and hair with length, even to below the shoulders. Placement can be fine and soft or chunky and bold to enhance the haircut and desired result.

It is best suited for use on natural (uncoloured-not tinted) hair and the finished result works well to achieve a soft, flowy, beachy vibe. We mainly use a pre-lightening product to lift the hair to the desired level. The products we use are the highest quality and the integrity of the hair is paramount.

This is a very economical way of colouring the hair as the re-growth is less solid which means it will need to be done less often than regular foil highlights and can be refreshed by simply using a toner. The result is a less highlighted look, more like your colour with a softer, lighter natural finish.



Wella Instamatic has launched, bringing five new express pastel shades to the Wella Professionals family.

Tapping in to the trend for fast, fashion-forward shades, Instamatic is a mildly oxidising semi-permanent colour which achieves a diffused colour finish with muted shine.

With six Instamatic shades to choose from, colourists and clients alike will be able to get as creative as their imagination allows, creating temporary trend-led looks that allow the fashion -conscious to refresh their hair colour instantly and as often as they want.

Pick from Pink Dream for a pastel feminine blush, Muted Mauve for a hint of violet colour, Jaded Mint for a fresh hue, Ocean Storm for a sultry haze and Smokey Amethyst for a smouldering tonal effect.

Josh Wood Wella Professionals global creative director of colour says: “We’ve seen some great on trend colours being used on celebs, the catwalk and now consumers can create the looks in salons. The Instamatic palette is a collection of soft, diffused and muted tones and allows for unlimited creativity.”



Color Touch is Wella’s semi-permanent hair colour range and contains 84 shades spread across 8 colour families: Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Vibrant Reds, Deep Browns, Special Mix, Sunlights, Relights and Colour Touch Plus.

Its gentle, ammonia-free formula features Wella’s Light2Color Complex which in tests has been shown to enhance the colour of hair pigment by up to 57% while at the same time generating 63% more shine when compared with non-coloured hair.

The enhanced colour is created by the three special light-reflecting ingredients in Colour Touch. These have been carefully mixed to ensure that each colour is created from multiple tones at different depths in the hair, mimicking the way natural colour is produced.

The extra shine comes from the clever use of fibre proteins to smooth the hair surface, making it flatter so it reflects more light. This is coupled with natural lipids that leave the hair in great condition and therefore with incredible shine.

With excellent colour uniformity, tonal durability and a pleasant aroma, Colour Touch will give you fantastic colouring results that you will love.



Magma, the pigmented lightener by Wella Professionals, to lift and tone hair in one single step and absolutely safe for your hair!

An iconic service for tonal highlights with foils on natural or already coloured hair. From soft to intense depending on the chosen shade and colour placement.

Take just one simple, intuitive step to expand your lightening horizons and enter a dynamic world of pigmented Lighteners – where the flow is seamless, and spontaneous. The 2 in 1 creative system allows you to craft the most personalised colour results, from soft to expressive.

Lift & Tone

Technology will work inside and outside the hair.

  • INSIDE – A special combination of different lightening molecules evenly distributed into the hair to gradually and evenly lighten dyes and melanin.
  • OUTSIDE – A fine blend of direct dyes deposit on the first layer of the hair cuticles to tone the hair.