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Dimension Highlights, Treatment, Haircut & Classic Blow Dry

Dimensional foiling is also known as multi-dimensional colour and foil since it combines more than one colour to create a multi-dimensional look. Whether you want a soft and subtle look or more bold and vivacious presentation, the stylists at Hair Culture is ready to colour your hair in a way that lets your true beauty shine. If you want to add dimensional foiling to an existing hair style or in preparation for a new haircut, Hair Culture is your trusted London hair salon for hair foiling techniques.

Eva, Art Director Color Expert about Dimension Highlights: ‘Basically, dimensional foiling will provide a 3-D highlight effect to your hair. With the layered application and depth it’s possible to have several shades of a colour such as blonde or auburn streak through your hair style in a balanced way that gives your hair a full and healthy look. They’re also great for lighting up the face; illuminating and injecting life into your hair’s colour can work wonders for your skin tone! It’s advised to have them done before the summer to prevent the colour changing after exposure to the sun.
Hair Culture is your trusted London hair salon for hair foiling techniques.

NEW OIL TREATMENT extends the life of coloured, damaged hair while making it resistant to breakage and optimising shine.

If you are lucky enough to have super thick or curly hair please allow extra time and extra £5-£10

Please use code Highlights Package in a comment field when booking online.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Dimension Highlights, Treatment, Haircut & Blow Dry  
T-Zone £91.00
Half Head £101.00
Full Head £111.00
KP Innosense '14
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