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Your Hair Culture colourist is an artisan. Many factors will affect how we deliver the perfect colour for you. We have to consider the health and condition of your hair, any previous colours and treatments which you may have been applied, your complexion and lifestyle before suggesting a colour. Hair Colouring is an art rather than a science – it takes an Artisan with perhaps a dash of magic to create your dream colour. Professional Hair Colour applied with artistry can really deliver amazing results. Professional Hair Colours can add shine and shimmer to your hair for weeks afterwards, which makes your hair look healthy, vibrant and projects youth and vitality. This effect is a demonstration of the world leading science invested in developing the very best hair colours possible. The magic really begins with the more advanced colouring techniques to create colours which will amaze and inspire. Colours which make you stand out from the crowd. This can be jaw dropping highlights which exude class and distinction to edgy electric blue flaming hair colours. Let us help you to make your Dream Colour a reality.


As a Sassoon partner salon we offer the latest Sassoon hair collections featuring the most up to date hair colours and cuts. Listening to your needs is the most important thing we can do to create an exceptional salon experience for you. Sassoon colour “Chromatology” is a sleek, modern line to create high definition results and ensures each hair has its own character and colour, as natural hair would, with incredible fibre-optic iridescence, shine and light reflection.


SAFE FOR THE HAIR, ULTRA LIFTING COLOURS Keune Tinta Color Ultimate Blonde Colours We are pleased to announce the launch of 3 new shades within the Keune Tinta Color Ultimate Blonde range.


Tinta Colour Ultimate Blondes are a complete range of high-lifting blonde colours without bleaching, which can be used on both natural and coloured hair. Tinta Colour Ultimate Blondes now include the New Tinta Colour 3001 Ultra Blonde, which is among the highest lifting cool colours on the market. There are also two other new high lift tones, 1531 Super Amber and 1038 Hazelnut Blonde, both of which can be applied to hair which is up to 90% grey!


PERFECT SOLUTION FOR CLIENTS WITH ALLERGY AND PREGNANT WOMEN A mild and effective hair color, inspired by nature So Pure Colour is an ammonia free permanent hair colour, enriched with certified organic plant extracts including Argan Oil, Jasmine and Sandalwood. This ammonia free coconut based hair color includes the unique PhytoKeratin. PhytoKeratin rebuilds the natural hair structure from within and protects during the colour treatment. The result is strong, healthy and shiny hair with a long lasting colour. So Pure Colour leaves the hair in superb condition and does not stain the scalp.



Koleston Perfect, the professional hair product that sets the standard for expertise and creativity in hair colour.  It delivers predictable colour results and supreme hair care thanks to  highest quality ingredients. Contains up to 25% conditioning agents and lipids for care and gentle-on-hair results.


Color Touch is Wella’s semi-permanent hair colour range .

Its gentle, ammonia-free formula features Wella’s Light2Color Complex which in tests has been shown to enhance the colour of hair pigment by up to 57% while at the same time generating 63% more shine when compared with non-coloured hair.

The enhanced colour is created by the three special light-reflecting ingredients in Colour Touch. These have been carefully mixed to ensure that each colour is created from multiple tones at different depths in the hair, mimicking the way natural colour is produced.



Wella Instamatic has launched, bringing five new express pastel shades to the Wella Professionals family.

Tapping in to the trend for fast, fashion-forward shades, Instamatic is a mildly oxidising semi-permanent colour which achieves a diffused colour finish with muted shine.

With six Instamatic shades to choose from, colourists and clients alike will be able to get as creative as their imagination allows, creating temporary trend-led looks that allow the fashion -conscious to refresh their hair colour instantly and as often as they want.

Pick from Pink Dream for a pastel feminine blush, Muted Mauve for a hint of violet colour, Jaded Mint for a fresh hue, Ocean Storm for a sultry haze and Smokey Amethyst for a smouldering tonal effect.

Josh Wood Wella Professionals global creative director of colour says: “We’ve seen some great on trend colours being used on celebs, the catwalk and now consumers can create the looks in salons. The Instamatic palette is a collection of soft, diffused and muted tones and allows for unlimited creativity.”

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