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Balayage Colouring Cut and Classic Blow Dry

Balayage first and foremost highlighting techniques, where colour is painted onto the hair in long sweeping motion. These techniques are suitable for any hair colour, simply giving a natural sun kissed look, the illusion of having spent a month on the Riviera. There are lots of famous faces with dark hair such as Penelope Cruz, Giselle, Drew Barrymore who all sport these.
To mimic how the sun naturally catches the hair, the brightest pieces of colour are always placed around the face and ends of the hair, making Balayage’s application more organic than traditional highlights. The result is softer regrowth so the tell-tale dark line where colour grows out is a thing of the past.
Your colourist will ensure colour is softer at the root and thicker through the mid shaft and ends, so the look is more natural, as long as the technician selects and mixes the right colour for you. Balayage and Ombre are popular with Hollywood stars and models because it’s easy to maintain and allows them to go lighter without looking cheap! We all have busy lifestyles, so these techniques fit well into any woman’s schedule.
Balayage can be used in many ways:
• To add depth to over lightened & over processed hair
• To add lightness and movement to darker hair
• It can be used in colour correction, when hair has been made too blond/ orange or the colour has faded out. This is done by using an ammonia free product so the hair is not further damaged.
• The options are limitless because of the way in which each piece is painted onto hair.

The trick with Balayage is to find a technician who has a good eye, that they understand your haircut, hair movement and the way you wear your hair. The best results are when the placement is perfectly tailored for the individual, not hundreds of foils all looking the same. Balayage is personalised to the individual and when placed to perfection will give you the best look for your hair.

If you are lucky enough to have thick or curly hair please allow extra time and extra £5 – £15

Please use code Balayage Offer in a comment field when booking online.

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Balayage Colouring and Clasic Blow Dry  
With Stylist £111.00
With Art Director £121.00
2. Balayage colouring
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